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Glasscock Sawmill, Inc. Aromatic Red Cedar Lumber is available in 1" thick by random widths and 8 ft lengths. These are great for fencing planks and decking.

Aromatic Red Cedar has a beautiful red color and is weather resistant which makes for a superior building material for indoor and outdoor applications. Its natural oils act as preservative to help the wood resist insects and decay.

Glasscock Sawmill, Inc. - Cedar Posts & CantsHARDWOOD LUMBER PRODUCTS

Glasscock Sawmill, Inc. offers all hardwood lumber in different widths and lengths.

We saw all locally grown species from oak, poplar, ash, maple, hickory and sycamore. All are suitable for fencing, horse stalls, barn siding, pallets and wagon flat material.

Our lumber is sold green, except for walnut and cherry, in which we keep a supply for woodworkers and furniture makers.

From fence boards to siding, we can saw to your specifications.

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For pricing and if you would like to know more about our Cedar Lumber and/or Hardwood Lumber Products, please give us a call, (502) 477-8662, or fill out our online form to the right. We will be glad to to assist you with any of your Cedar Lumber and/or Hardwood Lumber questions and needs.

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Please contact us for pricing and/or questions you may have regarding our services and products.


3085 West River Road, Taylorsville, KY 40071

Phone: (502) 477-8662 and Fax: (502) 477-8769


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