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Sawmills, Saw mill, Cedar post, cedar fence post, red cedar, mulch, cedar mulch, cedar lumber, fence post, fence post louisville, kentucky loggers, bulk mulch, lumber, lumberyard, lumber kentucky, lumber companies, louisville lumber, sawmills kentucky, eastern red cedar, cedar log buyers, aromatic red cedar, oak lumber, barn lumber, cedar boards, cedar raised garden bedsGlasscock Sawmill, Inc. keeps a continuous supply of eastern red aromatic cedar. We sell squared fencing post and cants from sizes 3-1/2" up to 8 inch posts and cants.

Cedar is naturally rot and insect resistant and has a wonderful aroma that everyone loves.

All of our fence posts are made of eastern red aromatic cedar. An all natural product with no chemicals, eastern red cedar is more weather resistant than chemically treated post and is naturally insect resistant. The beautiful red color and wonderful aroma and cost effectiveness make cedar a good choice fore decorative fences as well for livestock. We offer many sizes to suit your needs.

Glasscock Sawmill, Inc. - Cedar Posts & CantsWhether you looking for a wood for fencing around your farm, ranch, or lawn that will provide a beautiful scenic view as well as protect your property, then you have come to the right place and red aromatic cedar is the answer. Everyone will be jealous and will want to learn more about this amazing wood that resists rotting.

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For pricing and/or if you would like to know more about our Cedar Posts and Cants, please give us a call, (502) 477-8662, or fill out our online form to the right. We will be glad to to assist you with any of your Cedar Post and Cants questions and/or needs.

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Please contact us for pricing and/or questions you may have regarding our services and products.


3085 West River Road, Taylorsville, KY 40071

Phone: (502) 477-8662 and Fax: (502) 477-8769


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