Cedar Posts and Cants - Aromatic Red Cedar is the most popular fencing material, with beautiful  dark rich tones and durability it is sure to transform your garden, yard, fields, etc...  Our Aromatic Red Cedar cants are all heavy duty industrial grade. The important traits of strenght and sound wood is what we build our reputation on!
Glasscock Sawmill, Inc. - Cedar and Hardwood Lumber - Aromatic Red Cedar Lumber is great for fencing planks and decking boards.  We offer a variey of different  Hardwood Lumber species.  All are perfect for fencing, horse stalls, barn siding, pallets, wagon flats and so much more.
Glasscock Sawmill, Inc. - Cedar and Hardwood Mulch - Our Cedar Mulch is ground exclusively from Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar. Cedar Mulch breaks down more slowly than hardwood and has a natural red color.  Our Hardwood, as well as our Cedar, Mulch are all natural and have no chemicals or coloring added to our products.
Glasscock Sawmill, Inc. - Logs, Master Logger and Timber Program - We pay TOP DOLLAR for standing and delivered cedar and hardwood logs.  We are continually in the market to purchase raw materials to manufacture our products.  We know the importance of timberland to the world around us. Through the use of proper forestry methods, we can help increase the quality and quantity of Kentucky's timber resources, improve habitat of wildlife.  We always have a Kentucky Master Logger on hand.

Welcome To Glasscock Sawmill, Inc.

Glasscock Sawmill, Inc. is a family owned and operated mill which has been in operation since 1965. We deal in locally grown hardwoods. We are located approzimately 30 miles from Louisville, KY and are centrally located to ship to any location.

We specialize in railroad ties, barn lumber, fencing, wagon material, veneer walnut and cherry.

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Glasscock Sawmill, Inc. keeps a continuous supply of hardwood post and lumber. (find out more...)

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Glasscock Sawmill, Inc. offers many hardwood varieties of lumber for any of your lumber needs. (find out more...)


Please contact us for pricing and/or questions you may have regarding our services and products.

3085 West River Road, Taylorsville, KY 40071
Phone: (502)477-8662 and Fax: (502)477-8769

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Glasscock Sawmill, Inc. offers hardwood mulch. There are no chemicals or coloring added to our products.
(find out more...)

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Do you have raw materials you want to sell? Glasscock Sawmill, Inc. is always in the market to purchase raw materials to manufacture our products. We Pay TOP DOLLAR! (find out more...)

TIMBER PROGRAM (Master logger)

Glasscock Sawmill, Inc. always has a Kentucky Master Logger on site to ensure proper timber harvesting practices are utilized when harvesting timber owned by private landowners. (find out more...)